Volume 6 Number 1

Coronary interventions

From reverse CART to antegrade wire access: a guide to externalisation, tip-in, rendezvous, and snaring from the APCTO club
AsiaIntervention 2020;6:6-14
Jailed balloons for side branch protection: a review of techniques and literature
AsiaIntervention 2020;6:15-24
Radiation doses during cardiac catheterisation procedures in India: a multicentre study
AsiaIntervention 2020;6:25-33
Prediction of post-intervention fractional flow reserve in diffuse or sequential coronary stenosis considering the residual trans-stent pressure gradient
AsiaIntervention 2020;6:34-42
Usefulness of sheathless guiding catheters in patients with upper extremity vascular anomalies
AsiaIntervention 2020;6:43-49
Very rare giant coronary aneurysm
AsiaIntervention 2020;6:50-51
Ablation effect of additional low-speed rotational atherectomy following high-speed rotational atherectomy
AsiaIntervention 2020;6:52-55
Successful management of shortening of overlapping segment and subsequent restenosis at the gap between two second-generation stents in the left anterior descending artery
AsiaIntervention 2020;6:56-57
Intracoronary lithoplasty-facilitated expansion of an undilatable intra-stent lesion
AsiaIntervention 2020;6:58-59