Privacy Policy


Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regards to processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, otherwise known as General Data Protection Regulation (hereafter GDPR) lays down the legal framework applying to personal data processing.

The GDPR strengthens the rights and obligations of data controllers, subcontractors, data subjects and recipients of data.

In the context of our business activities, we need to process personal data.


To facilitate the understand of this policy, please be advised that:


  • the “data controller”: Europa Group;
  • the “subcontractor”: means any natural or legal person who processes personal data on Europa Group’s behalf;
  • the “data subjects”: means Europa Group’s clients and/or prospects;
  • the “data recipients”: means any natural or legal person who receives personal data from Europa Group. Data recipients can be Europa Group employees as well as external agencies (partners, exhibitors, banking institutions, speakers, etc.).


According to Article 12 of the GDPR, data subjects must be informed of their rights in a concise, transparent, readily intelligible and easily accessible form.


The purpose of this policy is to comply with the obligation to provide information of Europa Group in application of the GDPR (Article 12) and to formalize Europa Group’s clients and prospects’ rights and obligations with regards to the processing of their personal data.


This policy is intended to apply in the context of the implementation of the processing of clients and/or prospects’ personal data.


Europa Group makes every effort to process data within the framework of a structured internal governance. Having made this clear, this policy relates only to the processing for which Europa Group is accountable and therefore does not relate to the processing not created or exploited outside of governance rules established by Europa Group (so-called “shadow IT”).


Personal data processing may be managed directly by Europa Group or through a subcontractor specifically designed by Europa Group.


This policy exists independently from any other document that may apply as part of the contractual relationship between Europa Group and its clients and prospects.


No processing is undertaken by Europa Group with regards to  clients and prospects’ data if it does not pertain to personal data collected by or for our services or processed in relation to our services and if it does not meet RGDP general principles.


Use cases of Europa Group are as follows:



Games & Contests Any playful undertaking with or without the purpose of making Europa Group’s clients or prospects win a gain or a prize. They can take place online or offline. Directly by Europa Group or its partners. Generally, collected data is necessary to identify participants and to attribute prizes.
Push Media

Any commercial action, commercial follow-up.

Prospection, usually via email, text messages, phone, etc. Data is collected in an opt-in or opt-out manner depending on the instance of use.

Events Physical meetings organized by Europa Group or to which Europa Group takes part or sponsors.Data is usually collected during event registration (directly or through a partner) or during the course of the event itself (form, questionnaire, business card, dedicated mobile applications, etc.).
Social Media All social selling operations. They notably include data collection related to registration, posts, likes, replies and forwards, comments, reviews, etc.

Any community administered by Europa Group or on its behalf and dedicated to it (For ex: Beer time, fan voice, etc.).

These data are necessary to maintain the community.

Cookies Please refer to our Cookies policy.



This list is intended to be as exhaustive as possible, any new instances of use and any modification or deletion of an existing data handling process will be brought to the attention of clients and prospects through a change in this policy.

Non-Technical data
(according to instance of use)

Identification (Last name, First name, Moniker/handle, etc.)

Photo in case you grant us such rights

Personal/professional life details if required

Banking details if required (in case of online transaction)

Technical data
(according to instance of use)

Identification data (IP)

Connection data (especially logs)

Acceptance data (click)

Location data



Our clients or prospects’ data are generally collected directly from them (direct collection).


Collection can also take place indirectly:


  • Through specialized partners (database selling or leasing) or through partners and suppliers of Europa Group. In that instance, Europa Group strives to ensure that the data supplied to them are of the highest quality;
  • Through sponsorship. In that case, the sponsor ensures that it is authorized to supply the individual’s data to us.

Depending on the situation, Europa Group processes your data for the following purposes:


  • Customer relationship management (CRM);
  • Prospect relationship management (PRM);
  • Community management;
  • Service subscription;
  • Online buying;
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe requests management;
  • Reporting behavior contrary to the herein;
  • Data retention with regards to legal security obligations;
  • Service improvement and satisfaction surveys;
  • Behavioral analysis and targeting;
  • Statistics;


These purposes are based on the legitimate interest of Europa Group to have data available about its clients and its prospects.


When required, Europa Group obtains consent from the individuals.

 Internal recipients  External recipients 

– Authorized personnel from the marketing department, sales department, customer relationship and prospection department, administrative services, logistical and IT services and their supervisors;

– Authorized personnel from the controlling department (auditors, internal controlling process departments, etc.);

– Authorized subcontracting personnel.

– Partners, external businesses or subsidiaries from the same group;

– Justice agencies, court officers and public officers, as part of their debt collection efforts;

– The organization in charge of managing the telephone solicitation opt-out registry;

– Authorized subcontracting personnel.











Recipients from clients and prospects’ personal data at Europa Group are bound by a duty of confidentiality.


Europa Group authorizes recipients to access specific data based on an authorization policy.


Europa Group cannot assume any liability for any damage resulting from unlawful access to personal data.


Any access related to clients and prospects’ personal data processing can be traced.


Furthermore, personal data may be shared with any lawfully entitled authority. In such a case, Europa Group cannot be held responsible for the conditions under which the personnel of such authorities accesses and processes these data.


The data retention period is set by Europa Group with regards to legal and contractual restrictions by which it is bound, and by default according to its needs and notably according to the following principles:



Retention period

Client data For the duration of contractual relations with Europa Group, increased by 3 years for management and prospection purposes, without prejudice to retention obligations or the limitation period
Member and user data

For the duration required to complete provision of the services by Europa Group and 1 year after the last service

Cookies: 13 months

Prospect data 3 years from collection by Europa Group or from the last contact initiated by the prospect
Technical data 1 year
Banking data

Deleted as soon as the transaction is successfully completed, unless client gives explicit consent

In case of transaction dispute, retention for 13 months as archive according to debit card

Anti-money laundering 5 years


Past the set time limits, data are either deleted or retained after being made anonymous, notably for statistical use. They can be kept in case of pre-litigation and litigation.


Clients and prospects are reminded that data deletion and anonymization are irreversible and that Europa Group will be unable to recover them there after.


Clients and prospects have the right to request confirmation from Europa Group whether data pertaining to them are being processed.


Clients and prospects also have the right to access their data. This right is conditional on compliance with the following rules:


  • The request originates from the individual themselves and a copy of a valid proof of identity is available;
  • The request must be submitted in writing to the following address: 19 allées Jean Jaurès, 3100 Toulouse, FRANCE or to the following e-mail


Clients and prospects have the right to request a copy of their personal data being processed by Europa Group. However, in case an additional copy is being requested, Europa Group may charge the cost of producing these copies to the clients and prospects who request them.


If clients and prospects request their copy of their data electronically, the requested information will be provided electronically in a commonly used form, unless otherwise requested.


Clients and prospects are hereby informed that this access right cannot apply to confidential information or data, or those which cannot be disclosed by law.


The access right must not be exercised in an abusive way, meaning in a regular manner with the express purpose of disrupting the applicable department.


Europa Group complies with updating requests:


  • automatically for online requests on entry fields which can be technically or legally updated;
  • upon written request from the individual themselves who shall show proof of identity.

Clients and prospects’ right to erasure will not apply in case data is processed to comply with a legal obligation.


Outside of this situation, clients and prospects have the right to request the erasure of their data in the following limiting situations:


  • Personal data is no longer necessary with regards to the purpose for which they were collected or processed;
  • When the person concerned withdraws consent upon which the data processing is based and that there is no other legal basis for the processing;
  • The person concerned opposes processing that is necessary with regards to the legitimate interests of Europa Group and that no compelling legitimate purpose exists for the processing;
  • The person concerned opposes the processing of their personal data for prospection purposes, including for profiling;
  • The personal data have been unlawfully processed;


In accordance with personal data protection legislation, clients and prospects are hereby informed that this individual right can be exercised exclusively by the person concerned with respect to their own information: for security reasons, the applicable department will therefore verify your identity to avoid communicating any of your confidential information to someone other than you.


Clients and prospects are hereby informed that this right is not intended to apply to the extent that Europa Group is processing data in a lawful manner and that all personal data collected are required to carry out the commercial contract.


Europa Group gives the right to data portability in the specific case where data shared by clients or prospects themselves, on online services offered by Europa Group itself and based on the individual’s express consent. In that case the data will be shared in a commonly used, machine-readable structured format.


Europa Group does not make automated individual decisions.


Clients and prospects are hereby informed that they have the right to give guidelines regarding the post-mortem storage, erasure and sharing of their data. Sharing specific guidelines post-mortem and exercising their rights is to be done by e-mail at the following email address: or by postal mail at the following address: 19 allées Jean Jaurès 31000 Toulouse, FRANCE


The request shall be accompanied by a copy of a signed proof of identity.


Clients and prospects are informed on each personal data collection form of the voluntary or compulsory nature of their answers by an asterisk.


If answers are compulsory, Europa Group explains to clients and prospects the consequences of a lack of answer.


Clients and prospects grant Europa Group a right to use and process their personal data for the above-outlined purposes.


However, all enhanced data resulting from processing and analysis from Europa Group, otherwise named enhanced data remain the exclusive property of Europa Group (usage analyses, statistics, etc.).


Europa Group hereby informs its clients and prospects that it may mandate any subcontractor of its choice in the context of processing their personal data.


In such a case, Europa Group will ensure that the subcontractor fulfills their obligations with respect to the GDPR.


Europa Group commits to signing a written contract with all of its subcontractors and imposes the same personal data protection obligations to its subcontractors than it imposes on itself. Furthermore, Europa Group reserves the right to carry out an audit of its subcontractors to ensure their full compliance with GDPR provisions.


It is up to Europa Group to define and implement technical security measures, physical or logical, that it deems appropriate to prevent data destruction, loss, alteration or unauthorized disclosure of data in an accidental or unlawful manner.


These measures mainly include:


  • Data access authorization management;
  • The implementation of a security protocol or security solutions.

In case of personal data breach, Europa Group undertakes to notify the CNIL under the conditions outlined by the GDPR.


If said breach exposes clients and prospects to serious risk and that data was not protected, Europa Group:


  • will notify the clients and prospects concerned;
  • will share with the clients and prospects concerned the appropriate information and recommendations.

Europa Group, as data controller, commits to maintaining an up-to- date register of all data processing activities.


This register is a document or application enabling the identification of the   overall processing undertaken by Europa Group, as processing controller.


Europa Group commits to providing the supervisory authority on first request the information permitting that authority to ensure compliance with the current existing data protection law (“Réglementation informatique et libertés”).


Clients and prospects concerned by personal data processing are hereby informed of their right to file a claim with a supervisory authority, namely the CNIL in France, if they believe that personal data processing pertaining to them does not comply with the GDPR, at the following address:


CNIL – Service des plaintes

3 Place de Fontenoy – TSA 80715 – 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07

Phone: 01 53 73 22 22


This policy may be modified or adjusted at any time in case of changes in legislation, case law, in decisions or recommendations from the CNIL, or changes in custom.


Employees will be informed of any new revision to this policy through any means Europa Group deems appropriate, including electronically (for instance through e-mailing or online).


For any additional information, you may contact the following department:


For any general information on personal data protection, you may visit the CNIL website: