Volume 4 – Number 1 – February 2018

Featuring editorials from India, Japan, Singapore and South Korea this issue also includes a articles examining the impact on first-generation DES implantation using IVUS as opposed to guidance by angiography alone; TAVI in rheumatic AS and, as AsiaIntervention is not only the official publication of APSIC but the Interventional Cardiology Foundation of India (ICFI) as well, we present the abstracts from the 2018 edition of INDIALIVE.

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Significance of verification of IVUS-guided stent optimisation
Sung-Jin Hong, Myeong-Ki Hong
AsiaIntervention 2018;4:7-9

Transcatheter aortic valve implantation in rheumatic aortic stenosis
Paul T.L. Chiam
AsiaIntervention 2018;4:11-13

Antegrade approach to cross a native aortic valve
Kentaro Hayashida
AsiaIntervention 2018;4:14-15

National Society

Coronary Interventions

A weighted angiographic scoring model (W-CTO score) to predict success of antegrade wire crossing in chronic total occlusion: analysis from a single centre
Roopali Khanna, Chandra M. Pandey, Sonam Bedi, Fauzia Ashfaq, Pravin Goel
AsiaIntervention 2018;4:18-25

Intravascular ultrasound-guided versus angiography-guided percutaneous coronary intervention with drug-eluting stents: five-year outcomes from the CREDO-Kyoto PCI/CABG registry
Hiroki Watanabe, Takeshi Morimoto, Hiroki Shiomi, Yutaka Furukawa, Yoshihisa Nakagawa, Kenji Ando, Kazushige Kadota, Takeshi Kimura
AsiaIntervention 2018;4:26-33

Left main bifurcation percutaneous coronary intervention using a drug-eluting stent and drug-coated balloon: optical frequency domain imaging follow-up
Kazuhiro Dan, Yuya Takahashi, Kei Ichihashi, Masanori Teramura, Hiroki Ishihara, Takuya Maeda, Nobukiyo Taknaka, Tomohiko Teramoto
AsiaIntervention 2018;4:34

Interventions for valvular disease and heart failure

SAPIEN 3 valve implantation in rheumatic aortic stenosis with a functioning mitral prosthesis: first case report from India
Sengottuvelu Gunasekaran, Raghul Ganesapandi, Muthukumaran Chinnasamy Sivaprakasam, Srinivasan Kanthallu Naryana Moorthy
AsiaIntervention 2018;4:35-37

Hybrid technique to bail out an unsuccessful transfemoral TAVR attempt
Edgar Tay, Devinder Singh, William K. Kong, Jimmy K.F. Hon
AsiaIntervention 2018;4:38-40

Transfemoral aortic valve implantation using the reverse X-ray image in a patient with dextrocardia situs inversus
Tomohiro Kawaguchi, Shinichi Shirai, Hiroyuki Jinnouchi, Kenji Ando
AsiaIntervention 2018;4:41-44


INDIALIVE 2018 abstracts
AsiaIntervention 2018;4:45-64