Volume 2 – Number 2 – September 2016

Beginning with the history of interventional cardiology in Singapore, this edition of AsiaIntervention is packed with technical reports, imagery and clinical articles, including recommendations from the Asia Pacific Expert Group on technical considerations and practical guidance using BRS, and articles from several registries: one from Jordon on predictions of mortality using the GRACE risk score and another on three-year outcomes of the RESOLUTE China Registry.

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Singapore: a tradition of “state of the art” cardiology
Huay Cheem Tan
AsiaIntervention 2016;2:73-74

“What’s past is prologue”: the saga of percutaneous coronary intervention
José Ribamar Costa Jr, Alexandre Abizaid, J. Eduardo Sousa
AsiaIntervention 2016;2:75-77

Proceedings from an AsiaIntervention think tank meeting, May 2016
Paul Cummins, Pannipa Suwannisom, Yao-Jun Zhang, Kentaro Hayashida, Khung Keong Yeo, Robert A. Byrne, Christoph K. Naber, Huay Cheem Tan
AsiaIntervention 2016;2:80-81

Coronary Interventions

Technical considerations and practical guidance on the use of bioresorbable vascular scaffolds in the Asia-Pacific region: recommendations from an Asia Pacific Expert Group meeting 2015
Gunasekaran Sengottuvelu, Carl Schultz, Praveen Chandra, Teguh Santoso, Dougal McClean, Bharat B. Chanana, Ron Dick, Jun-Jack Cheng, Hyeon-Cheol Gwon, Shirish (M.S.) Hiremath, Do Quang Huan, Anuruck Jeamanukoolkit, Tiemin Jiang, On-Hing Kwok, Michael C.L. Lim, Adrian F. Low, Rony Mathew, Samuel K. Mathew, Sunao Nakamura, Michael Nguyen, Tejas Patel, Shubin Qiao, Sudheer Saxena, Chee Siong Soo, Cheng-Ting Tsai, Udayachalerm Wasan, Alan Whelan, Chris Wong, Yee Guan Yap, Charles A. Simonton, Krishnankutty Sudhir
AsiaIntervention 2016;2:82-92

Long-term (7 to 10 years) clinical outcome after first-generation sirolimus-eluting stent implantation
Shoichi Kuramitsu, Hiroaki Matsuda, Hiroyuki Jinnouchi, Kyohei Yamaji, Takashi Hiromasa, Yukiko Matsumura, Yuhei Yamaji, Mizuki Miura, Takenori Domei, Shinichi Shirai, Kenji Ando, Takeshi Kimura
AsiaIntervention 2016;2:93-100

Three-year outcomes from an all-comers Chinese population treated with the Resolute zotarolimus-eluting stent: RESOLUTE China Registry
Shubin Qiao, Lianglong Chen, Shaoliang Chen, Weimin Wang
AsiaIntervention 2016;2:101-107

The GRACE risk score predicts mortality in Middle Eastern patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention for acute coronary syndrome: results from the First Jordanian PCI Registry (JoPCR1)
Ayman Hammoudeh, Imad Alhaddad, Ramzi Tabbalat, Eyas Al-Mousa, Mahmoud Izraiq, Assem Nammas, Yousef Khader, Lina Tashman, Enas Hijjih, Hanan Abunimeh, Delia Y. Omar, Akram Saleh
AsiaIntervention 2016;2:108-114

Predictors of recurrent restenosis after second-generation drug-eluting stent implantation for in-stent restenosis of drug-eluting stents
Takenori Kanazawa, Kazushige Kadota, Seiji Habara, Takeshi Tada, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Yasushi Fuku, Tsuyoshi Goto, Kazuaki Mitsudo
AsiaIntervention 2016;2:115-120

Long-term prognostic significance of periprocedural myonecrosis in patients with stable coronary artery disease undergoing elective percutaneous coronary intervention
Matias B. Yudi, Cheng Yee Goh, David J. Clark, Jay Ramchand, Ali Al-Fiadh, Nicholas Jones, Dharsh Fernando, Michael Mok, Ken Lu, Omar Farouque
AsiaIntervention 2016;2:121-128

Modified jailed balloon technique for coronary artery bifurcation lesions
Shang-Yu Wen, Hong-Ying Yu, Hui Lie
AsiaIntervention 2016;2:129-131

The effect of CD34-capturing coronary stents with abluminal sirolimus coating on endothelial coverage
Guilielmus H. Ellenbroek, Leo Timmers, Freek Nijhoff, Erik Ligtenberg, Steve Rowland, Jan A. Post, Gerard Pasterkamp, Imo E. Hoefer
AsiaIntervention 2016;2:132-140

Serial observation of a calcified nodule by optical coherence tomography
Yusuke Hosokawa, Koji Kato, Hitoshi Takano, Reiko Shiomura, Takeshi Ikeda, Hidekazu Kawanaka, Mitsunobu Kitamura, Hideki Miyachi, Takeshi Yamamoto, Kuniya Asai, Keiji Tanaka, Wataru Shimizu
AsiaIntervention 2016;2:141

Chest pain with a blue hand: simultaneous coronary and left subclavian artery thrombosis
Chee Yang Chin, Calvin Woon Loong Chin, Paul Toon Lim Chiam, Ru San Tan
AsiaIntervention 2016;2:142

How should I treat?

How should I treat a post-CABG patient who presents with myocardial infarction within two months of surgery?
Abhisekh Mohanty, Leonardus van der Pijl, Pieter Kappetein, Marie-Claude Morice
AsiaIntervention 2016;2:143-148