AsiaIntervention – “you cannot open a book without learning something”

In 2005, together with a small team of dedicated individuals, we started EuroIntervention. In the subsequent years, the journal has evolved into an important academic publication within the field of interventional cardiology. Today, EuroIntervention’s submissions continue to grow and the journal has a more than respectable impact factor with its website frequently visited and PDF’s downloaded. The Journal is present not only at EuroPCR but also at other international meetings. Two aspects come to mind when assessing the success of the Journal – the concept of teamwork, and achieving and maintaining a solid and esteemed reputation.

We have been lucky to have been supported by a great team not only “front stage” but also “behind the scenes”. These are colleagues who trust the journal with their papers when submitting and those who advise and guide us in the review process. This great team effort has ensured that the Journal is not only well regarded but also respected within the field and for this we remain sincerely grateful.