Proceedings from an AsiaIntervention think tank meeting, May 2016

Paul Cummins, Pannipa Suwannisom, et al

Under the leadership of the Chief Editors of AsiaIntervention, Runlin Gao, Upendra Kaul, Takeshi Kimura, Seung-Jung Park and Huay Cheem Tan, the Editorial Board of AsiaIntervention convoked a “think tank” meeting during the recent EuroPCR meeting in Paris, France, May 2016. The objective of this think tank meeting was to stimulate discussions concerning the promotion of the journal and, equally, encourage a further increase of manuscript submissions to AsiaIntervention.

Unique to this meeting was the request from the Chief Editors that young interventionalists should be the focus group of the meeting, something which was reflected in the invitees list along with consideration for their geographical origin which encompassed a broad spectrum of experiences within the Asia-Pacific region. Furthermore, Huay Cheem Tan provided insights and guidance in his role as Co-Chief Editor of AsiaIntervention, complemented by the experience of EuroIntervention Editorial Board members Robert Byrne and Christoph Naber, who were also present.