Carotid artery stenting or endarterectomy; OSA and PCI outcomes; µQFR for side branch evaluation; new-generation BVS versus metallic DES; OCT-ACR in complex PCI; finding the optimal biplane view for CTO PCI; and much more…
Sharing knowledge and defining partnerships across boundaries through AICT-AsiaPCR
AsiaIntervention 2023;9:97-98
A novel quantitative flow ratio in coronary bifurcations: a simpler way to a real-time functional provisional stenting strategy
AsiaIntervention 2023;9:99-100
Angiography coregistration: time to fight clinician inertia
AsiaIntervention 2023;9:101-102
New opportunities for bioresorbable scaffold technology
AsiaIntervention 2023;9:103-104
Expanding beyond conventional indications for left atrial appendage closure
AsiaIntervention 2023;9:14-15
Transcatheter interventions for mitral regurgitation among patients with left ventricular dysfunction: repair or replacement?
AsiaIntervention 2023;9:16-17
WIN-APSIC Committee: a nexus for development & inclusion
AsiaIntervention 2023;9:18-19
New criteria for LMCA bifurcation stenting; consensus statement on OCT use in Southeast Asia; PCI in anomalously arising RCA; and much more…
AsiaIntervention 2023;9:1-3
Complex distal left main bifurcation disease requiring a two-stent approach: in search of an accurate DEFINITION
AsiaIntervention 2023;9:11-13