A panoply of milestones and achievements

Upendra Kaul, Takeshi Kimura, Seung-Jung Park, Huay Cheem Tan and Runlin Gao

We begin 2017 having passed several milestones, among which we count this new edition of AsiaIntervention. As you, our readers, are well aware, while this is not the first edition of our fledgling journal, we are still at the early stages of establishing our reputation. Anyone who has ever been involved with a serious, peer-reviewed, scientific publication will know that the growing pains can be considerable and the remedy – at least at first – difficult to apply or find… namely, greater participation from our readership. Our journal is now picking up speed, and developing its own rhythm and personality, but the future depends on your submissions and your critical response. We are convinced both of the quality we offer here and of your active involvement in the coming years.

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